This is a website that is made to help make
a boring day at an office or home fun. I am
still constructing it and many things may not
work correctly. Enjoy what is here so far!

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 Why this site?

Have some fun...
There are several games and many
to come in the games section.

Have a cool time...
Be entertained by all of the interesting
pictures and jokes.

See what is to come...
Constant, well atleast a lot of, innovation
is helping this site grow.

Lost In Space Videos

What is to come soon:
  1. Combining cool to the fun section and making a relaxing section
  2. A sport montage video
  3. A big Simpsons directory
  4. A top header that has animated stick figures moving the Brandex is Cool sign and hanging it up.
  5. Make links animated.

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